Jan-Feb Printable Planner

January is already gone! yes nearly . I am asked if it is already too late to start planning your goals?. My answer is NO it is never too late.

For me the whole idea of Planning up ahead on time is a habit that can be adopted any time of the year. So if you are new to the idea of planning your coming goals it is the right time to get your feet into the goal planning.

As promised to my Goal planner worksheet pals, Here is your JANUARY and FEBRUARY planner Calendar pages complete with weekly tasks pages.



Simply print out the Monthly Spread and join them together through the middle if you would like it displayed anywhere in front of your workspace. OR if you are like me print and paste it as part of your journal.

If you use a binder to manage your printables, simply punch holes and add them up in your binder.

The Monthly spread also has a quick Weekly notes area which you can use as well. You can either use the weekly notes area to jot down your menu plan or if you blog like me you can add your post ideas. This can work great as a blog planner too.

Now head on over to This link and download the planner for free!.
Which organization printables are your favourite? How do you plan your month? I would love to hear your organizational success!.


2016 Goal setting Planner Dream Catcher Printable template

2016 is really here! and I must set my Goals straight right? so for that, I really needed a perfect Goal setting planner. And really at the moment, I am laying down my projects in the one that is really workable. And guess what I am going to share it with you. Interested? keep reading.



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When I started working as a stay at home mom and jump on over to sell my creative works I was really lost. With a degree in Fine Arts, I had no idea how to do business online. I started a blog started writing tutorials in graphics and illustrations as while I learned myself. The blog was a huge hit ! but then the worst nightmare happened.

I was lost! I had no idea what to do next or which direction to take my blog towards. I had a million monthly hits but NO idea how to monetize that DUH! And I blew it! really I had no plan for that blog or site and then slowly it started coming down.

But I learned a valuable lesson from this, No more “Projects Floating in the Air!” I must give them direction. And once I created this planner, I knew this will help so many others as well.

So I started working on creating a perfect little workbook that will take all the headache of planning out of my head and somewhere I can see it. It is now onto the paper.

Finally, this Goal setting Planner template idea has been boiling up in my mind since ages !. I searched high and low and purchased the planners and templates, but nothing worked for my complicated mind. I even create my own online editable version of dream catcher create your own planner 🙂


I badly needed something that was easy to pour out my mind onto. I needed a Goal setting Planner that solved my Goals and guided me to a solution.


Welcome, 2016 Goal setting Planner Workbook Printable template!


2016 printable planner pdf goals workbook
2016 printable planner pdf goals workbook

I am so proud of myself that I have finally created a tool that not only cleared up the project planning in my head but also it is full of actionable tweaks. These to-do lists are broken down into weekly to do list, Monthly planner pages and daily reflections that eventually lead to achieving those goals.

By the way, I also have a Create your Own To-Do list tool that you might be interested in as well.

OR If you are someone like me you will also probably loose your track and need some other tools to remember Passwords and use a printable worksheet like a Printable Password tracker.

2016 printable planner pdf goals workbook
2016 printable planner pdf goals workbook

I named this cool workbook of mine Dream Catcher Goal Planner Worksheet

Why? You may ask.

Why do I think that Dream Catcher 2016 Goal setting Planner is the BEST yet? which is free as well I might add. You will be guided to break your Dreams into chunks that eventually become actionable steps.

The Features of Dream Catcher 2016 Goal setting Planner template?

This planner will help you

1-Visualize your Big Dreams
2-Priorities your jobs without you even knowing it
3-Turn them into actionable items
4-Last but not the least Achievable

2016 printable planner pdf goals workbook
2016 printable planner pdf goals workbook

I love the creative souls that strive to find balance in their lives, I really heart the creatives .If only our priorities are aligned then only we will be able to create and develop new ideas right?


[button href=”http://printmeaparty.com/the-2016-dreamcatcher-life-planner/” colorstart=”#000000″ colorend=”#FFFFFF” colortext=”#FFFFFF” icon_size=”12″ class=”” target=”” color=”” align=”vertical” width=”large” icon=”icon-book” ]MORE INFO[/button]

{This 2016 Goals & Life Planner }will help you visualize your big dreams, prioritize your work turn them into actionable items, eventually, you will make your Goals for 2016 happen.

What’s included in this download?

{SAMPLE PAGeS FROM The 2016 Goals & Life Planner FREE DOWNLOAD}

includes 1 single pdf file
Your 1 Big Goal planning PAGE
1 Day Planner Page that you can print as many as you like. LOVE IT ? LIKE IT ? GET THE FULL VERSION HERE

And Before you download, Don’t forget to join our Creative Facebook Page cause there is where we will be sharing our planning updates!

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Make your own Printable Weekly Planner printable journal page

Wouldnt it be so soooo nice to be able to customize your very own printable journal page? even if you do not have any graphic design knowledge .

Something of a tool that you can simply drag and drop elements according to your liking and just print it out?

Past month i have been trying to find the perfect journal that would fit my needs and i was really not able to find something that i liked ,

I created my own versions of different pages and came up with a few , but still i wanted to make the whole process SIMPLER. You might have liked the password tracker printable , i posted last month  . If you found it useful then you might find this  Printable Weekly Planner tool that i am going to share with you useful as well.

Sometimes i want to track my water drinking habits and sometimes i want to exercise daily and keep a track of it ,and everytime i want to readjust the sections So i present to you my very own Dream Catcher online printable journal !



with this  Printable Weekly Planner you can add the following sections to your weekly page.

To-do list , weekdays dockets , Business to do list , personal to do list , Daily habit tracker and a notes section.

How to Create one? Just click on the image above and browse to cliparts link in the left side . click on areas that you want to add that’s it!

Below is a quick tutorial.

Using this simple easy to understand  Printable Weekly Planner online tool you can easily customize and print your very own journal pages.

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Download a free weekly planner page for August

I took some time and created this August weekly printable planner The Project is still in its testing phase so i am adding cliparts into its library and more dockets as i work on it.Weekly editable planner journal printable

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If this doesn’t interest you enough you can also try my Goal Planner 2016




FREE Printable Password tracker {Project Planner}

Lately i have been working towards managing myself and organizing my days a little more . Juggling between work and kids things become harder if you are not an organized person. The biggest thing that i currently have issues with is how my internet password and accounts log is increasing , with so many sites popping up and i just love trying out everything! . I mean EVERYSITE!

With this increasing I am facing issues trying to remember all those passwords. In an attempt to remember all these passwords , I have created a printable that would go perfectly in my Project Planner .So whenever i am working on a new project and i am creating the accounts all over i have a list that i can take out.

I have plans to make this printable an editable file which you can print on the computer then print out but Currently i am keeping it as a downloadable PDF file simply print and track down the details and pop it into your journal o wherever you like to keep your files.


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I have printed mine out and added it to the journal but you can have it hanging over your working table so you can have instant access to all the passwords at a glance.
Do you face issues organizing yourself when it comes to home and work? what is your biggest area of life that you think needs some organization? I would love to hear your thoughts!.

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Pretty mothers day notes Free Printable

I know i am so behind on posts ! but i wanted to make something special for this mothers day a really pretty notes set , which can be used as to do list or anything that your mom’s or yourself(s) heart desire , this printable can be used as Blog Schedule reminder for the busy moms like myself who always have the nicest idea when i am too busy to reach the computer!. Just keep these notes handy and jot em down! Or stick them to the fridge and write the ideas while you are cooking , craft ideas when you are cleaning.. LOL 🙂 .

I had done this illustration a few months back and couldn’t just put it anywhere , simple i had too many ideas! . 🙂 Print out the pdf file and cut it to get three notes lists. I hope you like them! have a wonderful mothers day~

Click here to download—->> [download id=”7″]