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Lately i have been working towards managing myself and organizing my days a little more . Juggling between work and kids things become harder if you are not an organized person. The biggest thing that i currently have issues with is how my internet password and accounts log is increasing , with so many sites popping up and i just love trying out everything! . I mean EVERYSITE!

With this increasing I am facing issues trying to remember all those passwords. In an attempt to remember all these passwords , I have created a printable that would go perfectly in my Project Planner .So whenever i am working on a new project and i am creating the accounts all over i have a list that i can take out.

I have plans to make this printable an editable file which you can print on the computer then print out but Currently i am keeping it as a downloadable PDF file simply print and track down the details and pop it into your journal o wherever you like to keep your files.



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I have printed mine out and added it to the journal but you can have it hanging over your working table so you can have instant access to all the passwords at a glance.
Do you face issues organizing yourself when it comes to home and work? what is your biggest area of life that you think needs some organization? I would love to hear your thoughts!.

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