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January is already gone! yes nearly . I am asked if it is already too late to start planning your goals?. My answer is NO it is never too late.

For me the whole idea of Planning up ahead on time is a habit that can be adopted any time of the year. So if you are new to the idea of planning your coming goals it is the right time to get your feet into the goal planning.

As promised to my Goal planner worksheet pals, Here is your JANUARY and FEBRUARY planner Calendar pages complete with weekly tasks pages.



Simply print out the Monthly Spread and join them together through the middle if you would like it displayed anywhere in front of your workspace. OR if you are like me print and paste it as part of your journal.

If you use a binder to manage your printables, simply punch holes and add them up in your binder.

The Monthly spread also has a quick Weekly notes area which you can use as well. You can either use the weekly notes area to jot down your menu plan or if you blog like me you can add your post ideas. This can work great as a blog planner too.

Now head on over to This link and download the planner for free!.
Which organization printables are your favourite? How do you plan your month? I would love to hear your organizational success!.