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Wouldnt it be so soooo nice to be able to customize your very own printable journal page? even if you do not have any graphic design knowledge .

Something of a tool that you can simply drag and drop elements according to your liking and just print it out?

Past month i have been trying to find the perfect journal that would fit my needs and i was really not able to find something that i liked ,

I created my own versions of different pages and came up with a few , but still i wanted to make the whole process SIMPLER. You might have liked the password tracker printable , i posted last month  . If you found it useful then you might find this  Printable Weekly Planner tool that i am going to share with you useful as well.

Sometimes i want to track my water drinking habits and sometimes i want to exercise daily and keep a track of it ,and everytime i want to readjust the sections So i present to you my very own Dream Catcher online printable journal !



with this  Printable Weekly Planner you can add the following sections to your weekly page.

To-do list , weekdays dockets , Business to do list , personal to do list , Daily habit tracker and a notes section.

How to Create one? Just click on the image above and browse to cliparts link in the left side . click on areas that you want to add that’s it!

Below is a quick tutorial.

Using this simple easy to understand  Printable Weekly Planner online tool you can easily customize and print your very own journal pages.

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Download a free weekly planner page for August

I took some time and created this August weekly printable planner The Project is still in its testing phase so i am adding cliparts into its library and more dockets as i work on it.Weekly editable planner journal printable

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