FREE Printable Password tracker {Project Planner}

Lately i have been working towards managing myself and organizing my days a little more . Juggling between work and kids things become harder if you are not an organized person. The biggest thing that i currently have issues with is how my internet password and accounts log is increasing , with so many sites popping up and i just love trying out everything! . I mean EVERYSITE!

With this increasing I am facing issues trying to remember all those passwords. In an attempt to remember all these passwords , I have created a printable that would go perfectly in my Project Planner .So whenever i am working on a new project and i am creating the accounts all over i have a list that i can take out.

I have plans to make this printable an editable file which you can print on the computer then print out but Currently i am keeping it as a downloadable PDF file simply print and track down the details and pop it into your journal o wherever you like to keep your files.


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I have printed mine out and added it to the journal but you can have it hanging over your working table so you can have instant access to all the passwords at a glance.
Do you face issues organizing yourself when it comes to home and work? what is your biggest area of life that you think needs some organization? I would love to hear your thoughts!.

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Yellow Grey Chevron Baby Shower Party ideas {Free Printable}

I was contacted by Wish Events Dubai to create a baby shower party in a Grey and Yellow theme , i started off my discussing with the client of their needs and through Kuler we agreed on the color scheme that we were to follow .


I knew that this will be a very charming and eye catching party as our main aim was keeping everything yellow and grey with addition of silver and glass where we could.

I started by designing the background pattern and from there onwards created the invitations.


Click on the image below to Purchase this design through Our store

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These invitations printed beautifully and looked lovely , i chose to print these on 5×7 on photo paper but of course these can also be printed on cardstock.

I also printed the background papers to add extra touch matching to the theme here and there , these are included in the full party pack printable set .


Drinks were my favorite part as i added small rubber duckies in the orange


drink Here are some more pictures of the events

2014-02-22 18.58.25




And now here is what i have for you !

Click on the link below to download the pdf file!.



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Girls Spa Birthday Party Station Sign {Free Printable}

Recently i worked on a spa theme birthday party arranged for a little girl residing in Dubai. The Event was planned by her Aunt and i was there to do the printable for the spa theme party.

Here is a little sneak peak of the colorful splashes of the spa theme party printables followed by a FREE PRINTBALE!

These items can be ordered as well if you are having a spa party

Find the free printable at the end of the post!

Here is the cute little invitation Available in store


The cupcake toppers and wrappers were done in zebra print , green and pink colors!



A closer look at the water bottle flags and wrappers.


The favors were customized headbands in the same color theme and bagged , finished with these adorable favor tags.tags

 The yummy treat were the customized Hershey chocolate wrappers!



A closer look , the chocolates read ” Thank you for coming HERSHEY’S 10 years old” neat han?

The party banner was printed then finished off with the help of black , white and pink ribbons. 




AND the customized Party hats! 🙂


Finally all got wrapped and packed ready to be delivered


The full party pack includes , customized party invite with child’s picture , thank you card customized , bottle wrappers , cupcake toppers and tags.And yes i am taking orders!

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Cars Mc Queen Birthday Party invitation {Free Printable}

IMG_5752I am excited to show you a cute , simple and really a boy’s theme birthday party that i arranged for my son. And of course you will love this post as i am going to share with you a free Party invitation that you can print at home and have a similar cars theme birthday party. Find the free printable at the end of the post!


This year he wanted to have Disney planes movie party but i couldn’t go beyond just making him a birthday invite matching his planes theme.


If you are soon having a boy’s birthday party then there is a free printable party invitation that you can print , fill in and send!.

The full party pack includes , customized party invite with child’s picture , thank you card customized , bottle wrappers , cupcake toppers and tags.

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Studio update – Sneak Peak Lady Bug Birthday Party printables



Here is a sneak peak of coming this week new party set , lady bug birthday theme. All red , yellow and green this little party printable will include a party banner , invitation , thank you note , a centerpiece printable , cupcake toppers and whatever i can think of  , depends upon how much i get carried away loving it ……

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{Free Printable} Construction theme Birthday Party


I needed a Quick party idea , since due to my busy schedule last week , i couldn’t find time to pre-plan my sons birthday party. It was a very simple and quick family birthday , celebrated over the weekend .

I sat myself to search and take a look around the net , of course , and found a very inspirational construction birthday cake and i had to make it!.

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Happy Birthday Free printable gift tags

It is always nice to receive a birthday gift , even nicer if there is a personalized touch to the final presentation of the gift and even more nice if you have further personalized the gift tag with printing it yourself and adding your own hand writing to it ! Ah lovely isnt it?

Here is a free birthday gift tag which you can print out at home sign it with your name punch a hole and adorn the gift that you want to give away!.
The file is a printable pdf file , ready to download and print.
Hope you like it!

Click to Download

Birthday Tags Free Printable 

Milk and cookies birthday party ideas and printable invitations.

Every child loves milk and cookies and what fun if it is a Milk and cookies birthday party! there are many many ideas for an awesome and cool  party a few i have pinned on my pinterest board , all of these birthday party ideas are so lovely and yummy! Here are the latest printable birthday party invitations for a milk and cookies birthday party theme . followed by some cool ideas for setting up the milk and cookies birthday party!


Source: via Zizi on Pinterest


Pool Party birthday invitations

Summer is here so are the parties , your child’s birthday party or simply the summer party that you are having in your own pool! . I have created this season some brand new bright and fun party invitations perfect for summer or fun pool party!. View the invitations at my store and order digital file or by clicking on the image or click the link given at the bottom order printed invites.

Splish Splash pool party birthday party invitation

Splish Splash pool party birthday party invitation
Splish Splash pool party birthday party invitation

Pretty mothers day notes Free Printable

I know i am so behind on posts ! but i wanted to make something special for this mothers day a really pretty notes set , which can be used as to do list or anything that your mom’s or yourself(s) heart desire , this printable can be used as Blog Schedule reminder for the busy moms like myself who always have the nicest idea when i am too busy to reach the computer!. Just keep these notes handy and jot em down! Or stick them to the fridge and write the ideas while you are cooking , craft ideas when you are cleaning.. LOL 🙂 .

I had done this illustration a few months back and couldn’t just put it anywhere , simple i had too many ideas! . 🙂 Print out the pdf file and cut it to get three notes lists. I hope you like them! have a wonderful mothers day~

Click here to download—->> [download id=”7″]