Who wouldn’t love to have At a Glance Daily Planner + Monthly Daily Planner best of all when it is the most cute planner of all

When it comes to planning I can very well say that I am a planning freak. But it took me ages to learn the tricks of the trade. You might think that all you need is just a pen and a paper and you are good to go ! infact a good planning results in reaching your goals with ease and an awesome planner will not only help you make your dreams a reality but it will also evoke and remind you of the big dreams and wishes you have for your life.

A good planner not only consists of a Big vision but it goes down to the details of planning your everyday life. A well organized day results in slaying your goals with ease.

As the last Quarter is approaching I sat down to create my daily planner for the months of SEPT-OCT-NOV-DEC and while I did that I thought you guys my readers!. It is a awesome resource that you can download and print, bind and use daily.

Here are some of the features of this At a Glance Daily Planner for 2019 or you can call it a 2019 Monthly Daily Planner Printable for the last quarter.

Monthly Daily Planner pages including

  1. Focus of the day
  2. Meal planning
  3. Shopping list
  4. Appointments
  5. Water intake tracker
  6. Mood tracker
  7. Gratitude // notes
  8. Schedule & To-Do tasks list
  9. 1 inch Spine
  10. 1 1/2 inch Spine Design
  11. Daily Planner Folder Cover Page X 2 Designs to choose from
  12. Calendar Page for each month
  13. Separate Month inserts
  14. Notes pages to jot down brain dump


What else you could ask for ? and best of all it is free for you to download and use

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