Ever so often we wish to stay “Wild and Free” this  free Printable Wall Art quote is infact a reminder to just that!

When we are living in the moment of now it is always “wild and free state”. If only we were to stop fearing our future and stop acting from our past then only we can stay in a state of freedom.

This Printable wall Art is a reminder for you, it is a great idea to place it somehwere where you can take a look at it time and again as a reminder to stay true to our current reality.

Simply print and frame!

Printable wall art quote watercolor floral artprint

Download this free printable watercolor floral Wall Art in high resolution and print and decorate your home cheaply and in a budget.

Lately I have been pondering over the idea of living in the state of freedom all the time! for this one has to come in the state of now. Meditation can truly help in doing that for when we are acting from the state of now we are free from our subconscious programming that have driven our actions for so long as we can remember.

Our current reality is a reflection of our past programs. If you are wondering what I am talking about then you might want to watch this youtube video to get the idea.

Adding to the free Printable Wall Arts is this new art print for your bedroom or your office just to keep you on track!

How to use this Free Wall Art?

Just print out the file and Frame. Gift this free printable wall art quote to someone who might need some inspirational words to get them through a tough time or hang it up in your own bedroom or living room wall.

Here is one of my favorite black frames for wall Art that I use or you can use one that you already have

Use a Fine Frame

I love this simple and Clean Frame that I have used myself in the past and love the clean black and white elegance

You can order this from Amazon right here.

Alternatively you can also refurbish an old Art Print Frame to display anywhere in your home.

Print it yourself

I would also suggest a good Card Stock and a good printer to do the trick

You can order it from Amazon right here

Or Request a printed Art Print

Click here to download the PDF Printable file for this wall art 

free printable wall art

If you love this free printable wall art  then do not forget to leave a comment and let me know which one do you want next. Every week I will be posting a free wall art or free printable so tell me!

Here is a Tutorial that will help you Frame any Wall Art !

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free printable wall art for living room

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